AVOID the trap!

When I meet with a prospective client for the first time, this is typically the scenario:

  • You most likely have a comfortable/good relationship with your current broker
  • You receive “good” service (certificates of insurance are issued, emails responded to, etc)
  • You may or may not get together during the year with the current broker to check-in
  • The current broker calls you 60-90 days prior to your renewal to obtain updates and discuss “shopping” the insurance
  • You most likely have “shopped” the insurance in the past dealing with multiple brokers all pitching the same platform

[The agent (s) will look at your information, copy as fast as they can write down, ask about expiring premiums, quote and hope their number is the lowest and you’ll switch]

Does this mirror YOUR experiences?

How can this type of process actually help your company achieve anything outside of wasted time with same results?

It is time to change the game. Take control of YOUR insurance results. Use the below method and watch the magic happen!


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