The IMF’s 2015 Announcement

The IMF (International Money Fund) will be making an announcement in the Fall of this year pertaining to what many predict is adding China’s yuan into the global currency reserve club. This is a RISK to all American’s as the US dollar is the global leader in currency. If IMF includes the yuan billions of dollars could move out of the dollar holding and into the yuan practically overnight.

Considering for the most part all American’s either personally or corporately live in a US dollar based purchasing/revenue bubble this could be the pin that pops that “secure bubble.”

The IMF is an organization of 188 countries, working to toward global monetary cooperation, security financial stability, facilitate trade, promote high employment, sustain growth, etc. The Special Drawings Rights or SDR is an international reserve used to supplement its member countries official reserves (i .e bailouts). It’s value is based on four key currencies (US dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen and the Pound Sterling). The composition of the currencies is reviewed every five years or if warranted, earlier.

Below are a few links to articles referencing the IMF potentially adding the yuan into the fold.

How the Yuan Could Win Reserve Currency Status Even if the U.S. Objects

MONEY China calls for new global currency

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