Are your unproductive hungover employees costing you money?

As the next generation continues to move into the workforce along with them come next generation behaviors. A young professional scene is littered with examples of long networking events, elaborate clientele entertainment nights, etc,etc. The “work hard play hard” mentality costs employers big bucks. In fact, FoxNews Insider recently commissioned an article highlighting this exact risk. Their study illustrates a number of alarming stats.

  • Impaired productivity at work cost the economy $77 Billion dollars in lost productivity
  • Absenteeism due to drinking also accounted for $4.6 Billion in costs
  • Costs are substantially increasing. Overall, they are about $25 Billion higher than what the same costs were in 2006

When looking at your own organizational culture and census of employees what is your risk to this growing problem?

Can you afford to continuity absorb the costs associated with loss productivity?


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