What Scares You?

In a recent article by National Underwriter (Nov. 2015//Volume 119//No.11 edition) Travelers released their 2015 “Consumer Risk Index” which is an annual poll of the risks the U.S citizens believe are most prevalent to them.

The Top 5 Risks are:

  1. Financial Security
    • 66% worry about their finances and 30% say they worry about it a lot
  2. Personal Privacy & Identify Theft
    • 60% of respondents cited this as their top concern
    • 25% worry a great deal
  3. Cyber-Related Risks
    • 57% said cyber threats are their top concern
    • 1 in 4 Americans believe they have experienced a data breach of cyber attack
  4. Personal Safety
    • 51% worry about this to some degree
    • 14% worry a great deal
  5. Extreme Weather
    • 43% of Americans worry about the risk of extreme weather
    • 13% worry a lot about it
    • 67% say they have a plan in place ahead of a major storm
    • 64% have a plan for after a storm

Do you share these same concerns?


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