Is Your Organization Prepared for an Active Shooter?


We see it every day in the news…

We read about it in the papers…

Families are forever changed due to it….

YET, business’s for the most part have not addressed this emerging risk.

As an organization how would your employees deal with an active shooter?

As an organization are you aware of the costs associated with an active shooter event?

A few examples would be: damage to reputation, loss of productivity, loss of employee life, decrease in employee morale, liability and suit costs, etc.


U.S active-shooter incidents between 2000-2013

160 incidents occurred between 2000-2013

1,043 casualties, including killed and wounded

11.4 incidents occurred annually, with an increasing trend

486 were killed in 160 incidents

557 were wounded in 160 incidents


We have developed a three-pronged approach to help our clients address and understand this emerging risk.

For more information contact me at or at 410.356.9500

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