The biggest risk to investors today

Yahoo!Finance recently released an article essentially outlining what the next big bubble will look like. I tend to agree with their assessment. With the historic political environment, inconsistent economic results and a heavy regulatory environment it is only time before we witness another bubble burst. Yahoo! indicates it will be derived from the higher U.S inflation market. Macro investors will see this as a potential mass bubble. The recession in 2009 was a banking and housing crisis. The recession in 2000 was triggered by the IT bubble. The early 90s recession was caused by commercial real estate bubble and the 1980s recession was caused by policy mistakes.


The single biggest risk to investors right now

In regards to business; how will your business weather the storms of increased inflation, new and more burdensome regulations, etc.? It is difficult enough to conduct business without these hurdles.

It is truly something to ponder and in some regards prepare for.


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