M&A Culture Assessment

A merger and/or acquisition can be a very profitable option for all parties involved. With that said, it is important to properly vet the parties to ensure the ultimate decision is the correct one. Too often organizations enter into this type of arrangement and uncover pitfalls and falsities only it being to late to pull out.

Our solution was to help clients understand this risk and provide a tool to navigate them to success. Below is a snap shot of some of the topics addressed within our M&A Assessment product.

Section I discusses How We Think.

You need to identify the top leaders, owners, value proposition, mission statement, etc of that organization so you can ultimately determine what has been and is most important to them and does it align with your organization. If you have followed my blog it aligns with the R3 x S3 model.

Section II discusses Leadership.

Expectations, evaluations, accountability, etc.

Section III discusses Strategy.

What are the current business strategies being used and what are those results?

Section IV discusses Clients.

What types of clients are currently on the books?

How long have they been clients and are they even the types of clients you want?

The trailing sections V, VI, VII,VIII & IX discuss Marketing, Operations, Automation, Producer/Sales & Behaviors.

End result is a complete summary of that organizations culture and a clearer picture of where to go from there.

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