Saves lives & avoid the risk

cellcontrol-miniinfographic_final_jpgIn 2013 distracted driving led to more than 3,100 fatalities and 420,000 injuries in the U.S. At any point of the day, 11% of drivers are talking on their phones or texting.

Insurance carriers have lost their shirts on the automobile line of coverage. We found that many decisions makers within organizations are hearing the same excuse from insurance brokers.

“It’s the marketplace and everyone is seeing the increases”

“You are lucky you are only getting a single digit increase”

“Your claims are really bad which is why the premiums have gone up”

“No other carrier would quote”

Mr./Mrs. decision maker; stop being a victim of the insurance game. Take control. Save lives, enhance your safety culture, protect your employees, protect your company and invest in  technology.

We are the only broker in Maryland offering Cellcontrol.

Cellcontrol effectively stops email, text and other inappropriate device usage behind the wheel. You can also track speed, GPS, “incidents”, etc through this technology.

Cellcontrol has an option for your personal life as well. You can purchase it for your children to ensure their lives are safe while behind the wheel. Below is a link to a video illustrating how the product works.

Cellcontrol video


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