You were just hit by Ransomware- now what?


Cyber breaches are no joke! It is quickly becoming the #1 risk to ALL businesses no matter size. If hackers can obtain information from the US Government they can certainly hack your network. The hackers are becoming more savvy with the methods of obtaining access to your network. Remember it only takes one click of a link to open a “door.”

Hackers are using social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn to find information about you to design campaigns that would trick you into opening an email link. Are you they type of person that answers those short quizzes such as “What Disney Character am I” or “How Maryland am I” on Facebook? Hackers can obtain specific information about you and then send emails to you related to that so you unexpectedly open links. On LinkedIn I was warned that hackers are finding out a plethora of information about you such as what college/university you attended and then designing a “donation letter” from you college/university so you open it and provide them access.

Image that following a network breach your company is featured on the front page of the local newspaper. Do you think that would damage your brand? The image below is from a bank after the WannaCry malware affected Europe not to long ago. How would your customers or prospective customers feel about the ability of the bank to further protect their information and savings? I would imagine a competitor would seize on this opportunity if their system protected against WannaCry malware.


So what do you do? You have a breach, your brand is damaged, personal information of customers/employees are compromised, your network can not take payments so you are losing revenue, etc. – answer is – purchase a Cyber Insurance policy. Be pro-active against this very real risk. Certain Cyber policies will provide limits for all the scenarios listed above and more!

Below is our Cyber Scorecard to help gauge your companies risk level. Again, all companies have the exposure, no question however; this tool is a first step in designing the policy that best fits your companies needs. Take the test and contact me for help to protect your business.

Cyber Risk Exposure Scorecard




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