Attracting and Retaining Millennials

The landscape of business and culture is changing at a rapid pace. As baby boomers continue to retire the gap and hunger for that next generation of workers continues to rise. How to hire, retain, cultivate and manage Millennials is the largest challenge to most industries today.


The recruiting process is much different from what it was just a few years ago. You’ll need solid programs in place to ensure you recruit and hire today’s top talented workers. If you’re recruiting Millennials, you’ll need to appeal to them according to their preferences. Keep reading to learn about three must-know tricks for attracting Millennials to your workplace.

Maintain a Happy Culture

High employee turnover rates are a burden to productivity as well as your profit margin. By maintaining a positive company culture, you are much more likely to keep your workers. One of the top reasons employees leave their current employers is because they are unhappy with their positions. To recruit and retain Millennial talent, you must give them a reason to be a happy, and one of the best ways to do this is by showing them there is always room for growth and promotions. More importantly, you need to instill this belief into candidates when you’re interviewing them.

Offer a Competitive Salary

Millennials are fully aware that they can take to the internet to find a job, and they use this to their advantage. To recruit and retain, you’ll need to offer a competitive salary. You may think offering an above-standard salary is going to hurt your bottom line, but once you account for what it takes to recruit and train new employees, you’ll see that offering a competitive salary straight out of the gate to keep the worker is often much more cost-efficient.

Always Give Your Workers a Voice

Today’s Millennials treasure the ability to have a voice in the workplace. By creating a system that¬†promotes transparent feedback from your workers, you are highlighting that you value their opinions. More importantly, you’re showcasing that you want their voices to help shape the future of the company.

Use our tips discussed above to help propel your business toward greater success.

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