Could COVID-19 cause more Active Shooter events?

It may be difficult at this point but think back to pre-COVID-19 and how we as a society viewed Active Shooter events. Most of us thought the likelihood of such an event was slim and there was certainly merit to that. Now that we are in a COVID-19 world with various stressors – politically, personally and professionally that slim chance of an Active Shooter event has most certainly increased.

Transferring this exposure your business has to an insurance carrier could be the best bet to protect not only your employees but your companies existence.

Not every policy is the same so here are a few tips to look out for:

  1. Primary Coverage – how does the policy read. Does coverage kick in immediately or is there a waiting period for example.
  2. Third Party Coverage – does the policy extend to non employees?
  3. Coverage Triggers – how are the definitions phrased
  4. Terrorism Coverage – does the policy require Terrorism to be deemed or not

As always, reach out for further information and or if you wish to secure a quote with me.

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