Author: Brian Villari

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

The month of June saw a significant development from the Department of Labor (DOL) regarding the ongoing classification of employees versus independent contractors. As you are aware, this distinction is an important one with significant implications for taxes, overtime pay and other benefits. On June 7, the DOL withdrew a 2015 administrative interpretation on classifying…

Medical Marijuana & Workers Compensation

As society continues to move toward legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use have you thought of the impact (positive or negative) to your workers compensation policy? Click the link below to read a great piece on medical marijuana and workers compensation as of 2016. Enjoy! Work Comp Insights – Medical Marijuana and Work Comp-1

The Iceberg Analogy

Using an iceberg analogy is not uncommon so I certainly won’t be the first to open your eyes to this however; it is one of the most powerful methods of getting across an important topic. In my daily conversations with clients we discuss workers compensation and how that policy actually works. Part of this conversation…


  Top 10 Risks per YOUR Peers  Economic slowdown/slow recovery Regulatory/legislative changes Increasing competition Damage to reputation/brand Failure to attract or retain top talent Failure to innovate/meet customer needs Business interruption Commodity price risk Cash flow/liquidity Political risk/uncertainties Do you share these same concerns? What are you doing TODAY to address them??