AVOID the trap!

When I meet with a prospective client for the first time, this is typically the scenario: You most likely have a comfortable/good relationship with your current broker You receive “good” service (certificates of insurance are issued, emails responded to, etc) You may or may not get together during the year with the current broker to…

The POWER of a Captive Insurance Group

What most organizations are familiar with is working within the traditional guarantee insurance marketplace. That means having insurance policies with a company like Travelers, Hartford, Selective, etc. For the right company a Captive Insurance Group is an opportunity that can provide tax incentives, reduced premiums and protection against hard to place risk or risks that…

Survey of Business Owner’s: Top 10 RISKS

Top 10 Risks per YOUR Peers  Economic slowdown/slow recovery Regulatory/legislative changes Increasing competition Damage to reputation/brand Failure to attract or retain top talent Failure to innovate/meet customer needs Business interruption Commodity price risk Cash flow/liquidity Political risk/uncertainties Do you share these same concerns? What are you doing TODAY to address them??

Top 3 Reasons Companies Are Buying Cyber Insurance

The top three first party cyber exposures these risk managers cited are: Reputational harm (79 percent) Business interruption (78 percent) Data breach response and notification (73 percent) “It seems like every day risk professionals are confronted by new cyber attacks and forced to take immediate action to protect their organizations before it is too late,”…


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