Reference Letter #1

Kenergy Solar

Letter of Reference #2

Paradise Energy Solutions

“Thanking you for the overall excellent service. Brian, Kelli and Mary are caring and easy to work with. I have had numerous agents. And this group is by far the best. Thank You for all your hard work. Tammy Lunn”

D&T Welding Contractor                                                                                                                   Tammy M. Lunn, President

D&T Welding Contractor

“Thank YOU, Brian, for all your efforts in assessing AIM’s risk and best practices to manage those risks. I, too, look forward to working with you this coming year.  I greatly appreciate the ‘extras’ you will be providing to give my staff and me more confidence in growing AIM soundly and more importantly, peace of mind.”


Elizabeth Briscoe
Action in Maturity”

Action in Maturity (AIM)